this weeks meet up

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this weeks meet up.

This weeks Reunion. 

we touch base and reconnect with each other. 


In preparation. 

Seeing, Hearing, Valuing.

Take a bit of time now to bring each person in your Reunion group to mind in turn and hold them prayerfully.


As you do this what comes to mind? 

It might be a character trait you value, maybe a scripture that is a good fit for them or a hope for them in this next year.

Now record this for each person and bring it with you.

Your feedback on prayer activity and connecting with people during advent. 


Now it is time to bring yourself to mind, how did you find praying?

No judgement, just the reality of how it went. Did you commit or have a hope of connecting with some people you’d like to see come to know Jesus. I’d three people, I’d great conversations with two and spiritually more open than I expected and one not at all open, I guess that is how it goes sometimes but you only know the lie of the land by testing the water with people. 


Why Reunion?

The last thing to think about in advance is to remember why you decided to do Reunion and is that still your reason, has it changed?

What are you hoping for, what do you need from Reunion?

Have you become aware of anything you need to do or commit to for Reunion to be profitable for you?  Record and bring it with you. 

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