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We finished last year with prayer. I asked if you’d be up for a challenge. 3 minutes in the morning for Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship then a minute midday and a minute in the evening to name people who you and the others in your reunion group would love to see come to know Jesus.


We asked for Open doors, open lives and an open mouth. I’ve no idea if you gave it a go, if you made it to Christmas and still praying for people or being busy got the better of you. I’d love to know. We will find out at our next meet up. 


And so that brings us to now. I hope last term set the sense for our need to be involved in the lives of others as the context in which evangelism happens. I also hope that you’ve become more aware of those people you’ve been praying for because without that being real for you the next term could feel a little bit painful and you may not like it!


We will spend the next few weeks talking about words. How Jesus used them. How Paul used them and the painful bit (for some), how you and I use them. Evangelism without words would seem odd and actually it is not evangelism. Think of evangelism as making a connection. If a friend were studying for an exam and you knew a book that you found helpful you’d probably make the connection between that friend and the book. If a neighbour had a stiff neck or shoulder and you’d found a really good Physio who’d helped you with the exact same problem I’m guessing you’d be happy to connect your neighbour with the Physio. We have had our lives changed, settled, transformed and brought to peace so why’d we not help others make that connection to Jesus for themselves?

Words matter and that is where we will spend the next few weeks. 

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