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Happy New Year and welcome back to Reunion. Before we launch in, let’s do a very quick recap.


Last year we began with formation. To see and be seen. To hear and be heard and to release value. You’ve heard that so many times it would be easy to skip past it but let's take a second with it. In reunion we commit to seeing beyond what is on show in someone’s life, to see beyond activity, beyond the smile the familiar and our own presumption of that person. To listen deeper than to what is being said, that we listen to the Holy Spirits prompts. To read between the lines, to hear the unspoken and then to get involved, to engage so that the person leaves aware of greater value than when they arrived. You know the old saying, ‘never put a good thing past yourself’ (maybe you don’t know it, but honestly, it is a saying).


Allow being seen, being heard and valued to happen to you as well. Now you think I’m like a broken record talking about this SO often, this practice creates a great space not only for your Reunion group to exist in but if it becomes your second nature for everyone you meet then your evangelism will be a lot easier.

The next recap. Exiles! This world is not our home kind of stuff. We are ambassadors, we are being hosted. We don’t set the rules for the world around us but nor do we withdraw from it. We engage and do so with confidence, thriving and causing others to thrive. A good space in which healthy mission happens. 


After exiles we met Ben and began to explore evangelism, pray, play, say and stay along with other good tips like stop for the one. Then we journeyed back to St Paul which hopefully challenged our ‘who we are called to’ and where are we called. Its everyone everywhere. For Paul that was everyone from the nice people on the riverbank to the man in charge of the prison. It just looks different in different settings. Next we heard about the neighbours, remember the knife salesman? We are not selling Jesus, forcing Jesus on people and people are not targets. I stick that in for those who are still suspicious that evangelism is exactly what I’ve said it isn’t. Of course the other extreme is doing nothing, waiting for some kind of spiritual magic to happen. I hope you remember Trevor and what imprint we carry. I guess I could just have summed up everything after exiles as needing to get out more. To get involved in the lives of people who do not know Jesus. If that is not our context then any evangelism will most likely feel forced and lack any authenticity and be as rare as hens teeth (yes that was another saying you’ve never heard before). By the way, it is never too late to get out more. Maybe make it a New Year's resolution. 

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