Padraig De Lasa


About this weeks teaching.

Last week we heard stories that resulted from the Holy Spirit at work. This week I interview Paddy to find out what it looks like to be in relationship with the Holy Spirit as the base from which all mission or evangelism happens. 



Padraig De Lasa leads a church in Northern Ireland. His first language is Irish and he tells me his first exposure to English was at about 5 years old watching Blue Peter which mean't he picked up a bit of a scouse (Liverpool) accent. I asked Paddy to do this interview because while being a Christian for a long time he hasn't always practiced faith from a place of reliance on the Holy Spirit but did stuff in 'his own strength' as he puts it. 

The original interview was 57 min long, it's been cut down to 43 min. As we promise to keep it to a max of 30 minutes I suggest you listen to the 30 min mark. If you are enjoying it then treat the last 10 as a bonus (sorry for the sudden beginning/ending).

Here is the link to the podblast should you wish to use it as a framework for your response both for yourself and to gather your thoughts to bring to your Reunion meet up.

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