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Envoy Leaders

The no glitz no glam page for leaders in advance of leading an envoy community. If you need more to be available here get in touch with Emma, David or Neville so we can add it, in reality you're probably not the only one who'd like that missing piece of information. By the way, we think you're great and feel such relief to know that you are willing to get into the boat of Envoy in order to help others get out of it. Don't forget your life jacket and have fun rocking your boat!

Scroll down for teaching resources, afterthough guide and leaders weekly guide. 

Faith stories (week 1)

Teaching podcast used for week 1.
00:00 / 14:01

People of peace videos (week 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Video 1. People of peace intro.

Video 2. A home from home.

Video 3. We haven't met before.

Video 4. Come on in the water...

Click here for the outline note of Bob's teaching.

Click here for the outline note of Bob's teaching.

Click here for the outline note of Bob's teaching.

Click here for the outline note of Mary's teaching.

The afterthought.

Envoy participants use this after they watch the videos from weeks 2-5.

Click here to open the questions we use with afterthought.

Click here to open the questions we use with afterthought.

Leaders weekly guide below, select the arrow on the right to go to the next weeks guide. 

Envoy Week 1/Faith Stories

Background information.

We want to start envoy on a faith footing. All participants are asked on this week to share their faith story. Our hope is to develop in your little community a culture of wanting and going after an increased awareness of God. Too often the Christian community goes after more information, knowledge and debate. While important, awareness of God present and speaking will be more effective in lasting change and formation in mission and evangelism. 

The meet up.

Make sure people know the time and place in advance.

At the beginning welcome people, open in prayer and outline what Envoy is. 

Envoy is a mini taster of Church Armys Xplore and Reunion communities. It is best described as a pre evangelism course that helps us get a framework that our evangelism sits within. 

Ask what people are hoping for from Envoy over the next few weeks (including you).


Share faith stories. This may be an unusual start but it helps people see and know one another from a perspective beyond small talk. This faith story is the one we want to help people share with the world so lets make it normal and natural within the Christian community so it stands more chance of being normal and natural with a neighbour, fellow student or work colleague. 

Practical tips.

You know how many people you have so work out how long everyone needs to share. If your group is quite big and it would mean rushing people you could split the group up, don't have less than 4 people together. An alternative is to start on this meet up but those who don't get to share do so on a group forum like WhatsApp (voice note is best). 

Encourage people to share what led up to following Jesus (If its a case that the person has just always followed Jesus then what was that like)? What happened to trigger the beginnings of Faith and how did faith grow? What has been the lasting impact of God on life? Can they share a story of a moment God was very real and close to them?

After a person shares invite others to respond (make sure you accommodated this when working out time). Before people share remind the others their job is to listen so as to hear what might not have been said but would be an encouragement to the person. Also what do they see that God might want them to see? The short hand is insight, to read between the lines, to perceive what the Holy Spirit might be saying or doing. Invite people to share. You should probably take the lead on this so people see it modelled. 

Practical tips.

Whatever way you decide to allocate time, it is really important you hold time well. Don't cut people off but nor should you allow people who love to talk keep on doing what they do best. TALK!!! 


Finish with prayer even if it's just one person from the group in order to get the maximum amount of time for sharing. If it's possible, ask people if they'd be up for having a WhatsApp group or FB messenger group during Lent. If there is time it would be amazing to have people pray for each other. Remind people to watch teaching for next week and to use the Afterthought guide. 


If you decide to have a WhatsApp group, send a message thanking people for being part of Envoy.

If the meet up had a particular sense to it then share that and invite others to share how they found Envoy.

On WhatsApp encourage people to share any encouragements they might not have shared during the meet up.

If you decide to do some Faith Stories, nominate a person every other day to share and the days between for people to respond (their Seeing, Hearing, Valuing).

A day before your next weeks meet up message people to remind them. Share again why we are doing Envoy and remind people to bring their 'Afterthought' (on each weeks webpage) along with them.