1. Stop and pray that God will speak to you. Gift him this time to be with you.

  2. Either print or open the notes provided or get a notepad and pen to take your own notes (if you use the notes provided write what stands out for you onto them).

  3. After you have finished watching/listening to this weeks material note what caught your attention.

      You can do this in one of two ways.

  • Use the Heart, Mind, Soul, Strength worksheet. Remember don't overthink it. It should take no more than 7 - 10 minutes in total to do this. 


  • Use your own notes (or the ones provided) to be the base material to identify what it has stirred in you and record your response and bring to your reunion meet-up.

Either  way.  We  are  not  looking  for  your  agreement  or  disagreement  points  to  the  teaching  resource.

1. We are looking to hear what it stirred in you (it might be fear or faith based!).


2. Is there anything in it or in your reaction that you need to incorporate into life or respond to in a practical way?


3. What next?

It isn’t always a case that we action plan everything we hear, sometimes a commitment looks like a change of attitude or acknowledging a change in thinking.

If this week’s material can be acted on then I’d strongly encourage you to do that. That may not be in the next week but may be for the next month/next year.

If this is the case, what 4 or 5 actions do you think you need to move towards.

Avoid vagueness and avoid the grandly impossible!

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