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Which Reunion plan is best for you?

Reunion has three different points in the year where you can call time up!

However we hope you stick around. You don't need to decide on which plan is best for you until the December break. The material for lent 2020 can also be used as a stand alone mini reunion. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on the mini reunion.

plan 1 


End date 26th February.

The beginning of Lent* marks the first break point in the year.

The ternan plan covers all the basics and we hope that you have discovered a way of evangelism for life. See the timeline for September - February for module information.

LENT* if you are not from a christian tradition that observes Lent then click here to find out more.

plan 2 

End date 9th April.

The beginning of Easter marks the second break point in the year.

You will now have covered all the basics and one extra module by Bob and Mary Hopkins on the topic of people of peace that is designed to sit neatly into Lent and help prepare for any Easter mission or evangelism. See the timeline for April for module information.


plan 3 


End date 29th May.

The end of May marks the official end of the Reunion year.

You will now have covered all the basics, the lent module and this final module on discipling new christians. See the timeline for May for module information.

Doing a mini reunion during lent.

Mini reunion

You may belong to a church or have some Christian friends that Reunion is perfect for. This stand alone module within Reunion will be a really good introduction to them either for stepping into evangelism for themselves or as a taster to do Reunion from September 2020. Think of it as a Lent course in preparation for Easter! 

Will it impact on you doing Reunion?

If you are only interested in doing Reunion for yourself and you include this, its the neri plan 2 above and won't have any other impact on you. If you think it would be good to use with others then we would want to talk to you in December about how this might work. If you want to only do the mini reunion then visit this website in December and you can find out more and sign up (capacity dependant).

For material used in Reunion after February click on the more button.
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