Advent 1

No teaching (PHEW)!

Instead we want to introduce you to the wider family. Church Army are the parent charity of Reunion. Thanks to them Reunion exists.

When you signed up to Reunion you were added to the numbers of people being prayed for in our mission community. In fact last week across the UK and Ireland our prayer network prayed for your little Reunion community and for opportunities for you to share Jesus. 

From the new Year we will send you the prayer guide and Catalyst. Catalyst contains stories of the work of Evangelists and Church Army Centres of Mission.

Reunion won't be providing teaching during advent but we thought now would be a good time to introduce Church Army. The videos below do a pretty good job and next week we will hear a fuller story from one of our evangelists. 

No apologises for the number of Irish accents. By now you should be used to them!






5 minutes daily prayer guide for your Reunion community

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