What is reunion?


it is for

it isn't

those 30 or older in Ireland or the UK who want to learn evangelism as a life resource and are willing to put it into practice.

it is learning together

a one size fits all, no 101 top tips of evangelism, no 'for one night only' events, programmes or activities.


in small local or online communities that coach you in evangelism in your every day without gobbling up your schedule. You gain access to over 30 podcasts which practically help you build your evangelism.

2020 dates

Mid September 2020 - Mid February 2021  You can apply between 24th April 2020 - 31st August 2020.

For a more detailed timeline click on 'dates and modules' at the top of this page.

how it works.












Learning at your own pace


Each week reunion uploads a 30-minute podcast packed with teaching, stories or practical tips designed to help you learn about evangelism.




Listen when it is convenient, all you need is access to the podcast on this website, a quiet space, a note book and pen, and a desire to put it into practice.

Together with others


You are not alone. We connect you to other local or online people who have listened to the same podcast. This little community teases out what the teaching might look like in each person's context. 60 - 90 minutes weekly.

Safe space


It is a place for being stretched and supported as you get on with evangelism in day to day life. Ideally you meet every week either locally or online.



As you engage in evangelism you have others who are in the same boat, learning as they go and being coached alongside you as the practices becomes the habit.

A good fit for you


Reunion is for those who want to be coached and resourced in evangelism and is suitable for all abilities or experience. We are presuming a living Christian faith if you've read this far already.

In a nut shell


We are eager to see people around you become followers of Christ and be part of a Christian community. Reunion is there to help this happen.

Local and/or online


Where numbers allow we will have local groups meeting weekly. For everyone else, we can create online groups. If you feel uncertain using technology we will help you get set up.

what you gain.


Meet The Team

Neville Barnes

My name is Neville. People guess that I’m in my early 40’s and we’ll leave it at that. I’ve been a church Army evangelist for 24 years. That must mean I get a clock or something like that next year (air miles should anyone be interested). Originally from Northern Ireland, I’ve worked primarily as a youth evangelist in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and England. I’m passionate about Christians getting to do evangelism that looks like sounds like and feels like its authentically them AND God doing it. I now live in Sheffield with a wonderful family (they are reading over my shoulder so I have to say that). I also like sending photos of Donegal in the glorious sunshine to people. That happens a lot more than you’d imagine.

Emma Taylor

My name is Emma. I’m 28, Northern Irish born and bred now living in Seaham, North East England with my husband Mark and our 3 year old son, Jonah. When I was 12 I had a Holy Spirit encounter that changed my life and I’ve been in love with Jesus ever since (with a few bumps along the road since then!). I took part in Xplore last year and it was a complete game-changer. I’m on the leadership team of a small Pentecostal church in Seaham which is great fun. We do lots of community work and we long to see revival in Seaham! I love hanging out with my family, writing, cooking & baking, playing anything Mario, and making & listening to music (John Mayer is my favourite!). If I was on Mastermind, my specialised subject would be NASA’s Apollo missions. Yep, I’m a wee bit of a nerd.

David Craig

My name is David. I’m 32, born in Cape Town South Africa and have been living in Sheffield since 2014 with my wife Lucie. We have a boy named Noah and a second healthy baby on its way (thank you God). I realised Jesus was my hero since I was about 15, and realised I was loved and free when I was about 25. Not sure what comes at about 35, but I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy using my head and hands to do building work part-time, playing games with friends, watching films by log fire and doing sport. We’re part of a missional community team living in a close cluster of homes on a housing estate. We have fun loving our neighbours and being loved by them.

Contact information and application.


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